Thursday, July 29, 2010

#99 - Lewis Black - 100 Best TV Characters/Personalities of the Past Decade

99. Lewis Black

What's better than watching a comedian who knows his stuff? It's when the comedian's old, slightly deranged and shouts a lot.

Lewis Black is an enigma to the world of television, comedy, well, everything really. He got his big break when he was 40. In a world of Rooney, Charice and that kid who spoiled The Karate Kid, people get famous because of their ability and talent from an unbelievably young age. Not Lewis.

What really got him famous is his TV spot in the Daily Show, Back in Black (And yes, he uses the riff as the intro).

So what has him so mad all the time? Some say, it's cause he took an unlimited amount of drugs before he got famous. That would be from the age where Americans discover drugs (12) till he's big break (40). The lesson here is if you spend 28 years chasing a fridge that turned into a puma everyday, you could be famous too.

He's well into his 50's now. he's been in show business more than 15 years. That's still considered a rookie. I look forward to more from this young man.

Here's a video of him ranting about the former Vice-President of the Soviet States of Americaland, Dick Cheney.

I'll be back tomorrow (Unlike the Joker who won't be back for any of Chris Nolan's Batman movies).

P/S: Sorry for the delays. A whole month of the World Cup and I needed a whole month to recover from it.

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