Friday, June 11, 2010

100 Best TV Characters/Personalities of the Past Decade - #100 - Michael Kyle - My Wife and Kids - Damon Wayans

Here's something to entertain you people. Cause I just acquired quite a lot of free time on my hand, I'm going to publish a list of 100 best TV Characters/Personalities of the Past Decade.

100 - Michael Kyle - My Wife and Kids

The epitome of a good father with bad behavior, he is the ultimate character with the looks to give a weak spirited sparrow a quake of fear, but his methods of discipline. Totally Awesome. Locking Jr. out of the house, telling Jr. to start writing all the stupid things he does in a note pad and naming that note pad "I'm not stupid", Kicking Jr. out of the house and making Jr.'s room his own play room. Basically everything he does to Jr.

What makes Michael so special is that he is the father every father wants to be. Cool, good looking, still quite in shape, having a good sex life at his age. Any father with half of those could call themselves great fathers.

And of course, he's also famous for having a very special way of saying 'No'.

Next to Mr. Krabs, whose higher up somewhere, Michael is the only father in the list. Shows you we need more father-centered shows on TV.

Goodnight everybody. Enjoy the World Cup.

Coming soon - Peter Griffin (Family Guy), Puck (Glee), Simon Cowell and Bart Simpson (I don't need to tell you from what show do I?). Where will they rank?

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