Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Captain on NBC, legally downloading stuff illegally, and of course, the preview of Iron Man 2


For those of you who don't know, My nickname, Captain Awesome, which everybody around me agrees is the perfect nickname for me, is stolen from a character from the TV series Chuck, Captain Awesome being Devon Woodcombe, Chuck's brother-in-law.

On Chuck, the show is amazing by it's own-self. It has everything a person with taste would want, action, romance, a great musical soundtrack, references to great movies and TV shows like The Godfather, and of course, Jeffster!

Reviews and critical reactions to each and every episode of Chuck has been high, ranging between B+ till A+ on average. So why does NBC want to cancel the show every season?

Yes, you've read right. NBC has cancelled one of the highest rated shows of the past three years because the show has low ratings. And why does it have low ratings? Because Chuck is shown on a Monday, which is traditionally a comedy day. Thus it competes with great comedies like the Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother.

So NBC is trying to cancel a show that doesn't do too well because of NBC.

It seems TV channels love to do this. Cancel shows that actually have meaning. Yet The Hills and My Super Sweet Sixteen is shown every week and turns brats into more brats.

Sadly, they also make the TV shows that we love but end up getting cancelled. It's a chicken and egg situation.

On Graboid

I spend about 23 hours a week watching a form of visual entertainment (thats video for the encyclopediacilly challenged). About an hour or two goes to Football, while the rest are on my computer.

"But Captain, isn't downloading films and TV series expensive and illegal?"

It isn't if you use this.

Yes. Graboid Video. The application that has saved me when Ares and LimeWire have failed.

It's simple enough to use. You just pay A$14.99 (about MYR 50) and you can download 50 Gigabytes worth of video.

Yes! 50 Gigs! That's an unaccountable number of video minutes.

And it's fast too. It you have a normal 1mb/s connection, you can download a 30 minute video in 32 minutes.

So it's 1% the price of buying illegal DVD's at your friendly neighbourhood illegal DVD shop, and it's faster than having to wear clothes, get in your car, reverse out, drive, look for the DVD, pay the cashier, get back in your car, drive, stop at 7-Eleven to buy some snacks, drive back home, open the gate, enter your house, sneak the DVD into your room cause your parents want you to be ethical and buy original DVD regardless of the fact that your allowance/wages hasn't received an increment in years, go to your room, switch on your computer, change back into your comfy clothes, and start watching.

Iron Man 2

No Spoiler, No Worries.

Why am I not surprised that I'm unable to get tickets for Iron Man 2?

And that's the preview for Iron Man 2.

Seriously, why should I write anything else if that line says it all?

Captain Awesome has left his consciousness.

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